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If you can reach out and hold onto each other as you face life’s dragons together, every dragon you face makes the bond of trust and love between you stronger. We can have the loving lasting relationships we all long for.”

-Dr. Sue Johnson

How is your relationship?

  • Do you really feel understood and feel that you matter to your partner?

  • Are you constantly arguing together in a critical/defensive way?

  • Does your relationship feel like a safe haven where you can be your authentic self?

  • Do you feel caught in a dance of negative interactions?

  • Are you in a place where you cannot find a way through to get the loving relationship back?

  • Do you withdraw, feeling undervalued, and not talk to each other for days?

  • Do you feel your partner will be there for you when you need them most?

EFT Can Help

EFT gives you simple practical steps to:

  • Learn to notice when you begin to disconnect and know how to reconnect again.

  • Work with each other to connect and deepen your relationship.

  • Come together and focus on the negative cycle of conflict as the enemy.

  • EFT offers you a positive future of how you are going to be together.

  • To be able to find your own voice and tell your partner how you are doing in the relationship.

EFT Strengths & Goals

  • Over 20 years of research covering a wide variety of relationships and issues; such as depression, post-traumatic stress and chronic illness, shows that EFT works and that the results last.

  • EFT understands safety and trust are issues within a distressed relationship and helps couples navigate this emotional landscape in a safe, supportive environment.

  • Negative relationship patterns are healed; creating a positive healthy relationship of connection, resilience and a deepening loving bond.

  • EFT gets to the core of our relationship distress by accessing the underlying relationship issues, providing accessibility, responsiveness and engagement for each partner.


A Primer for Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT): Cultivating Fitness and Growth in Every Client by Susan M. Johnson & T. Leanne Campbell

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The New book by Susan M. Johnson. Available at Amazon. More information at

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