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International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy

Many therapists are in a quandary as to which EFT training
materials to purchase. The following is an attempt to show the
variety of options available. Choose which is best for you at that
time based on your level of EFT experience and the area of EFT
you want to focus on developing first. Most training videos are
available as digital downloads or as physical DVDs.

ICEEFT also offers lists of EFT Publications, including EFT Books
and non-English publications. All lists contain links to publisher
websites to purchase.

You are certain to benefit from any of the valuable training
materials available from ICEEFT. Please visit
for more information.


Resources — Books, Videos, Online Programs, etc. Our website,, offers various lists of EFT Publications including:

  • EFT Books
  • EFT Articles
  • EFT Chapters
  • Non-English EFT Publications
  • EFFT Publications

All lists contain links to publisher websites for further information or to obtain copies.

ICEEFT also offers a “Summary of EFT Research” document, including a reference list and corresponding publisher links.

EFT Books

There are a variety of books about EFT available, such as:

  • NEW! Attachment Theory in Practice — Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) with Individuals, Couples and Families
    by Sue Johnson
  • The Practice of Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy: Creating Connection, 2nd Ed.
    by Sue Johnson
  • The Emotionally Focused Casebook: New Directions in Treating Couples
    edited by James Furrow, Sue Johnson & Brent Bradley
  • Becoming an Emotionally Focused Therapist: The Workbook
    by Sue Johnson, Brent Bradley, James Furrow, Alison Lee, Gail Palmer, Doug Tilley & Scott Woolley
  • Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy with Trauma Survivors: Strengthening Attachment Bonds
    by Sue Johnson
  • Hold Me Tight
    by Sue Johnson
  • Love Sense
    by Sue Johnson
  • Created for Connection
    by Sue Johnson with Kenneth Sanderfer
  • Attachment Processes in Couple and Family Therapy
    edited by Sue Johnson & Valerie Whiffen
  • An Emotionally Focused Workbook for Couples
    by Veronica Kallos-Lilly & Jennifer Fitzgerald
  • Stepping Into Emotionally Focused Couple
    Therapy: Key ingredients of change
    by Lorrie Brubacher

Many EFT books have been translated into a variety of languages. For a complete list, to order and for other information, please visit

Online Learning

  • AIRM Training Program
    by Lillian Buchanan & Lorrie Brubacher
  • Emotionally Focused Therapy Step by Step:
    A complete Online Course
    with Drs. Rebecca Jorgensen & Scott Woolley,
    and Lisa Palmer-Olsen & Mark Kaupp

There are also online programs with Dr. Sue Johnson and other EFT Trainers available from PESI. Visit and search “Emotionally Focused Therapy” or “Dr. Sue Johnson.”

EFT Videos

DVDs & Digital Downloads

  • On Target Couple Interventions in the Age of Attachment
    (with Dr. Sue Johnson)
  • Training DVD #1:
    Healing Broken Bonds

    (with Dr. Sue Johnson)
  • Training DVD #4:
    Interventions in EFT

    (with Dr. Sue Johnson)
  • Training DVD #5:
    Re-engaging Withdrawers

    (with Dr. Sue Johnson)
  • EFT: Building Bonding Conversations to Shape Attachment
    — An Externship in EFT

    (with Drs. Sue Johnson & Scott Woolley; 24 hour, 8 disc set)
  • Shaping Secure Connection:
    Stages One and Two of EFT

    (with Drs. Sue Johnson & Marlene Best)
  • Emotionally Focused Therapy in Action
    (with Dr. Sue Johnson)
  • Emotionally Focused Therapy with Same Sex Couples
    (with Dr. Sue Johnson)
  • Working Successfully with Same Sex Couples:
    The Path to Secure Connection

    (with Dr. Sue Johnson)
  • Caught in the Struggle:
    Emotional Dysregulation in the EFT Therapist

    (various EFT Therapists & Supervisors, LACEFT)
  • Attachment Cradle to Grave
    (with Drs. Sue Johnson & Dan Hughes)
  • Hold Me Tight®:
    Conversations for Connection

    (with Dr. Sue Johnson)
  • Finding the Connection
    (with Dr. Scott Woolley & Yolanda von Hockauf)
  • In EFT: Promoting Key Change Events in EFT
    (with Drs. Leanne Campbell & David Fairweather)
  • Risking, Reaching and Responding:
    Transforming Relationships in Stage
    Two of EFT
    (with Dr. Sue Johnson & Gail Palmer)
  • Facing the Dragon Together: EFT
    with Traumatized Couples
    (with Dr. Sue Johnson)
  • EFT Stage 1 — Chinese
    (with Dr. Ting Liu)
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