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Irish Centre for Emotionally Focused Therapy


Revisiting Your EFT Skills

We Are All Learning Together

ICEEFT Trainer: James Parrin (MIAHIP)


Revisiting Your EFT Skills

Online from Wicklow, Ireland

11th & 12th March, 2023

9:30am – 4:30pm Daily

CPD: 12 Hours


Experiential opportunities develop an embodied sense of the EFT model. As clinicians, we need safe and supportive opportunities which allow us to meet our learning edges. This workshop provides the space for your learning needs within the context of the EFT model.

Using the EFT Tango, we will revisit EFT interventions learned in the Externship and Core Skills programmes. We will work together, as a group, to unpack the growth points which we all face, enabling us to experientially master a sense of competence in areas such as:
Tracking and reflecting, getting specific with attachment fears and unmet needs, assembling emotions, emotional encounters, present-moment processing, leading vs. following, impasses, and difficult emotional states we can encounter in ourselves and our couples.

Applicants for Revisiting Your EFT Core Skills Workshop must have completed an EFT Externship.

In Preparation for this Workshop:

We encourage you to reflect on the question, “How do I best prepare myself for this workshop? 

Points for consideration are:

  • Do I know my current learning edges?
  • How willing am I to share those learning edges?
  • How open am I to exploring what I do that works well, and what I do that doesn’t work so well?
  • How willing am I to be experientially guided towards what I don’t yet know?

Further Reading:

You may wish to consider the following books:

  • Attachment Theory in Practice: Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) with Individuals, Couples, and Families – 1 Mar. 2019 by Susan M. Johnson 
  • The Practice of Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy: Creating Connection by Susan M. Johnson | 20 Aug 2019 (Please make sure this is the third edition as it includes the EFT Tango)


9.30am – 4.30pm 

Cost & Booking Your Place:



  • To secure your place, you must register by Monday, 20th February, 2023
  • This workshop is set to a maximum number of 16 participants. Places will be confirmed when registration and payment have been received.
  • For registration, see below or email James Parrin directly.   [email protected]    

Payment Methods:

  • AIB Bank: Account: James Parrin.   IBAN: IE48AIBK93355425542012

(Please do not use any previously saved bank details for EFT Ireland.)

As there is a maximum number of 16 participants in this two day event, it is very much a team effort in commitment.

Cancellation Policy:

To preserve continuity, we regret that we will not be in a position to offer any refunds after Monday 27th February, unless a replacement is found for your booking.

Registration Form: 

Contact James Parrin to register by phone: 087 202 9755

To secure your place please complete the registration form details below accompanied by your booking deposit. All fields are mandatory.

Please Reach Out:

We want to support your participation and the advancement of your EFT therapeutic skills. If finances are a concern, if you worry that you don’t have a couple or you have any other concerns, please reach out by email or text and we can discuss things together.

James Parrin: [email protected] or 087 2029755

Kind Regards

EFT Trainer: James Parrin

EFT Trainer: James Parrin (MIAHIP)

James Parrin is the founder of the EFT Ireland Community, an EFT trainer, supervisor and therapist. Before specialising in EFT, James originally studied Process-Oriented Psychotherapy and is a Process Work Diplomate {an internally recognized level of excellence within the larger Process Work learning community and the International Association of Process-Oriented Psychology (IAPOP)} and an accredited member of the Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy (IAHIP).

He has a private practice in Dublin, Ireland, working with individuals, couples, EFT trainees, supervisees and learning groups. James’s focus is on the continuing development of training opportunities and supervision for the ever expanding Irish EFT community of therapists, their communities and clients.

James has a deep and caring motivation for the transformative nature of relationships.  He considers the ability to develop a fluid, relational awareness to be a profoundly psychological and spiritual path.  This underlies his love for EFT and the development of a supportive community of therapists who are dedicated to mastering their relational and therapeutic skills and interventions.